Apparel Breakdown #2

British Oxford Standout.

A second entry to my detailed apparel breakdowns. This look is dedicated to all the prep school students out there. A sharp look that can be edgy as well when it's executed the right way. Let's go!

Upper body.
The upper body is made up of:
  • Beanie and skinny tie - J.crew ( Both bought at a thrift store for a dollar each. )
  • White button up - TOPMAN $5.00 thrifted
  • Sweater - American Eagle Outfitters $45.00 ( Alot of people knock on AE because it's overplayed but I don't really mind because they do produce great preppy stuff at a reasonable price. )
Books held by J.Crew belt.
I was always in love with the fact that kids back in the day carried books with belts so I made my own version using a J.Crew belt. I wish I was able to find a reference picture to refresh your memory but regardless it is a wonderful idea. Go ask your grandparents, they probably did this.

Dr.Marten's brown lace ups.
The bottom half is made up of:
  • Pants - Chino pants by American Apparel ( purchased at a thrift store and still brand new for $8.00 )
  • Socks - Olive green socks - $2.00 (sale)
  • Shoes - Dr.Martens brown lace ups (FREE)
I always wanted these shoes and the smile from my face wouldn't go away as soon as I received it. It's the perfect size but by looking at it looks a bit clunky. But I love that about it, it mixes messy with dapper. The combination of khaki, green and dark brown is such a beautiful thing. 

Hipster Potters.
I was on my tumblr dashboard and I came across this picture and I thought it was hilarious. So I decided to come up with my own spin with the preppy school boy look.
iPhone shot.
Full body.


  1. your blog, posts and all!
    Happy to find you.
    xxx Emily of EL Vintage

  2. absolutely lovee your look! & the belt around the books!!!


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