Apparel Breakdown #5 ( Halloween costume )

A Clockwork Orange.
American Apparel X Halloween Contest entry.
Shot by Anthony Willis

This year for Halloween, I decided to go as Alex Delarge from the novel and book A Clockwork Orange. A favorite film of mine by Stanley Kubrick just came to life. Here's my breakdown of my costume.

Alex full body outfit from the film.

Me in costume.

Every year like I said on my previous entry that I would just look inside my closet and see what I have in there. Here's the breakdown of the upper body:

Half body shot.

  • The shirt and suspenders were both from American Apparel. The suspenders were $15.00 while the shirt was purchased at a thrift store for $5.00
  • The hat was from Urban Outfitters for $48.00. Quite pricey but also totally worth it. Originally, I was going to wear a bowler like from the film but I just wasn't feeling it. That's when I settled with the fedora, it's similar and added my own twist with it.

A variation with vintage leather gloves.

The lower body is made up of:

dance, dance.
  • The jeans were also from American Apparel that was also bought at a thrift store for $8.00
  • The jockstrap (which is not a regular thing) was purchased at Modell's for $7.00
  • Finally, vintage army boots that was purchased at a NYC flea market for $25.00
Malcolm McDowell as Alex DeLarge.

- Denny


  1. I LOVE YOU. I love that movie...I need to read the book too. After I finish The Hobbit, though.
    Great great costume.



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