Apparel Breakdown #15

Casual Sherlock Holmes.
Shot by Anthony Willis.

The upper body is made up of:
  • The blue blazer is a vintage blazer from the NYC Hell's Kitchen Flea Market for $8.00.
  • The shirt is Ralph Lauren from Ann's Closet thrift shop for $5.00.
  • The tie is from H&M from Ann's Closet for $2.00.
  • The cardigan is from American Apparel on sale for 50 percent off which became $20.00.

The bottom half is made up of:
  • The pants are J.Crew chinos purchased at Ann's Closet for $8.00.
  • The socks were Uniqlo for $3.00.
  • The boots were vintage boots purchased at a NYC flea market for $25.00.
The look is basically a modern twist to how Sherlock Holmes would roll around these days. I had two variations, one with a beanie cap and one without. With a hat, it adds that bad ass look mixed with street etiquette look. The combination of blue and yellow gives off the collegiate look also, it adds that school boy effect along with a gentleman flair. A simple, preppy look for the cool weather in the east coast. Pipe it up!



  1. Love the colors. The way you dress is so inspiring.

  2. Was amazing to see one of ur millions outfits on an online fashion spanish magazine featuring as : "Mejor street style de 2011". Congrats!!

    HNY, Ferxolate!!

  3. The blazer is amazing.

  4. Great photos....
    Love the way how dress up as Sherlock Holmes.

  5. I really like that pipe and the whole preppy look!


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