Spring Revival IV Chino Pants.

Last Boy Scout.
Shot by Anthony Willis.

Another trend I will focus on this season is the ever so comfortable chino pants. It's the safer bet to looking neat, casual and comfortable at the same time. If you don't like super skinny jeans or loose jeans then chinos are here to save you.

My outfit is made up of almost everything thrifted:
  • The eyewear is by www.jimmyswagg.com. I recently met up with him and have decided to collaborate in the future. This is an example of his work ( check out the site too! ). His work is some next level kind of stuff.
  • The blazer, button up and tie are all Ralph Lauren products bought from Ann's Closet. The blazer was $8.00, the button up was $5.00 while the tie was $2.00.
  • The chino pants was also from Ann's Closet. It's J.Crew and it was only $5.00.
  • The shoes are Converse that were custom made with two-tone tounges. $12.00 at Ann's Closet thrift shop.
  • The iPad case is by Kheels NY. It's genuine leather. It was given to me as a gift by Kheels NY themselves. It's sleek and simple. It's perfect.

Above is a picture of me without the blazer on. It's a simple, casual look perfect for the summer time. I named this look " boy scout " even though it kinda reminds you more of those girl scouts that stops at your house to sell cookies.



  1. love your style! ;)



  2. When it comes to comfortability chino pants are must, you can move easily while wearing these, i have a few of these in my wardrobe.

  3. Agree. cheap chinos for men are the ones i can only afford and i am surprised that you got that one for $5.


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