Sunset Ride.
Shot by AW Photos.

I've been inspired heavily by the Great Gatsby lately so this is one look I will be showing off. It mixes modern and classic. By now, you guys know my outfits is basically all thrift bought. I always try to showcase my theory that you can still look rich and save a lot of money. Everything here minus the deck shoes is thrift bought.

My whole outfit is made up of:
  • Brixton beige fedora purchased at Hell's Kitchen Flea Market $8.00
  • Ralph Lauren oxford button up purchased at Ann's Closet $5.00
  • J.Crew brown knit vest purchased at Ann's Closet $5.00
  • Uniqlo cream skinny jeans purchased at Ann's Closet $5.00
  • Sperry Topsiders purchased on sale $60.00

  • Accessory #1 Red vintage reading glasses with lenses change purchased at a flea market for $8.00.
  • Accessory #2 TIMEX watch purchased at Hell's Kitchen Flea Market for $10.00
  • Acessory #3 Ecuadorian bracelets given by a friend. FREE.



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  2. Your style is beyond amazing. You just gained a new fan.


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