Denny X Nike Air Force 1. 30 Year Anniversary.

30 Years of AF1.

I was one of the fortunate bloggers around the NY/NJ (actually the only one in Jersey), to have been invited to rock AF1 for their 30 years of keeping the freshness in tact. I was told to come in and have creative control with 3 Denny inspired outfits while rocking the white on white forces. Here are the 3 looks that were chosen


Apparel Breakdown:
  • Zara Man oxford button up purchased at Ann's Closet Thrift Shop for $5.00.
  • H&M bowtie purchased at H&M for $7.00.
  • Vintage paisley print vest purchased at Salvation Army for $4.00.
  • Burberry Blazer purchased at Ann's Closet for $25.00.
  • Uniqlo camo cargo skinnies purchased at Ann's Closet for $5.00.
  • Nike white on white AF1's. FREE.


Haha, don't ask, I've created an alter ego with this style based on 90s hip hop stars and current stars. De La Soul meets A$AP Rocky or Bobby Brown meets Kanye West. This is basically what I would look like if I was a rapper. #3LINEZZZ

Apparel Breakdown:
  • Exempt SCAM snapback. sent for FREE. Retail price $25.00.
  • Viparo Motorcycle Jacket. sent for FREE. Retail price $250.00
  • High School XXL baseball jersey purchased at Ann's Closet for $5.00.
  • Cheap Monday skinnies purchased at Ann's Closet for $10.00.
  • Vintage scarf purchased at Hell's Kitchen Flea Market for $3.00.
  • NIKE AF1's white on white. FREE.


Basically this is the main decked out NIKE apparel. I mixed up my own style mixed with NIKE's mixed with Cali steeze and early Wu Tang and Seattle grunge style. It's a clusterfuck but it was so well put together in my head and I loved it.

Apparel Breakdown:
  • NY Yankees 90s snapback from Goodwill for $5.00.
  • Gap Denim jacket from Ann's Closet for $8.00.
  • NIKE tee, shorts and sneakers.
  • SYN jeans multi colored flannel. Sent for FREE.


  1. totally love the preppy look...IM a huge fan of you'rs Denny...hopefully you'll to visit us here in the Philippines

  2. Absolutely love the Nikes on you!
    2 sporty footwear outfits in a row ;
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  3. Sounds like perfect footwear for the environmentally conscious vegan serial killer.
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