Lace Up.

Spring is upon us.
Layered up.
( Everything thrift bought. )

Shot by Anthony Willis.

Yes, Spring is almost here! So I am basically here to show you the essentials on how  to look stylish come spring time. Layering is a huge part of this season. You want to be noticed without having to express yourself to loud. Try not to rock to many loud patterns all at once. Perhaps focus on one or two patters at a time. Also, be on point with your sock game. You can have a really simple outfit but with the right color of socks you can turn your pimp game up just like that. Come spring time, you will also see me stepping away from sneakers and solely base myself with lace ups again. But this time with a twist! I will focus more on different colored laces paired with funky wingtips, brogues and other classic lace up shoes.


Apparel Breakdown:
  • Beanie purchased from Ann's Closet Thrift Shop for $2.00
  • Paul Smith floral button up from Ann's Closet Thrift Shop for $5.00
  • Vintage gold buttons purchased from Hell's Kitchen Flea Market for $10.00
  • Zara burgundy corduroys from Ann's Closet Thrift Shop for $5.00
  • Polka dots socks from Target for $7.00
  • Bass Shoes purchased from The Goodwill for $15.00
FINAL TALLY = $44.00

Apparel Breakdown:
  • Zara suit purchased from Ann's Closet Thrift Shop for $15.00
  • HYPE shirt from LB themselves!! Free.
  • H&M socks for $5.00
  • Zara oxfords with white laces from Ann's Closet Thrift Shop for $15.00
FINAL TALLY = $35.00 ( substitute any shirt with any basic shirts that ranges from 5 - 10 dollars )


  1. Perfect as always! Always fun to see your pairings. <3

    love from

  2. Hey what would you say are basic wardrobe essentials? I'm a regular jeans and t-shirt kinda guy myself. So I have no clue where to start. Also would you mind adding pictures? Thanks man :)


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