Denny X Another Man's Treasure ll.

part deux.

make sure to visit their store.
Another Man's Treasure  353 Grove Street  Jersey City  NJ  O73O2
2O1 86O 999O  hours : Mon - Sat 11-8 Sun 11-6

This is my second look for AMT. This time around I wanted to model their " duck hunting " camo shirt. With the camo explosion these days, it's actually rare to see the color combinations that's on this shirt. I actually prefer this more than the ever so familiar black, brown, forest green combination. Also, what's cool about this look is that the shirt is actually 3XL and I wanted to showcase that you can still pull of such size. I'm a small/medium kid and this is how I pulled this off. Enjoy! 

Apparel Breakdown:
  • " DUCK HUNTING " camo button up from Another Man's Treasure for $35.00
  • J.Crew black skinny jeans purchased from Buffalo Exchange for $15.00
  • Vintage brown boots with red laces from Hell's Kitchen Flea Market for $30.00
FINAL TALLY = $80.00


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