NBA...Where Amazing Style Happens.

Counting down the MVP of style in the NBA.

10. Iman Shumpert.
9. James Harden
8. Derrick Rose
7. Kobe Bryant
6. Tyson Chandler
5. Chris Paul
4. Lebron James
3. Dwayne Wade
2. Russell Westbrook
1. Amare Stoudemire

And finally here is my own take combining fashion and the NBA. I figured why not wear your number on the back of your own sportcoat....calling it a " sport " coat. Ah, see what I did there? Enjoy.

Apparel Breakdown:
  • DIY plaid blazer by Tommy Hilfiger purchased at Ann's Closet for $8.00.
  • Zara button down and vest from Ann's Closet for $5.00 each.
  • socks, tie and shoelaces.
  • Uniqlo chino pants from Ann's Closet for $5.00.


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