H&M Conscious Collection.

3 Ways To Rock H&M Conscious Collection Menswear pieces.

We wanted great fashion with the added bonus of sustainable materials,” Catarina Midby, head of fashion and sustainability at H&M, told the Daily News.

The “Conscious Exclusive” collection has already gotten a thumbs up from the celebrity crowd. “Gossip Girl” star Penn Badgley attended Thursday’s launch in New York, and actresses Michelle Williams, Helen Hunt, Emmy Rossum and Chloe Grace Moretz have been spotted wearing “Conscious” gowns.
The collection includes flirty cocktail dresses, romantic evening gowns with bold embellishments and tailored suits, as well as several pieces for men.

The inspiration was retro, movie star, kind of Hollywood,” Midby said.

Prices range from $34.95 to $299, excluding some lower-priced accessories.

I chose 2 pieces from their collection. I am actually not sure if it's a full suit but what the hell, it was too close to dismiss. The first piece is a forest green sport jacket. It was retailed $49.95. An amazing color, I have actually never seen something like it. It's definitely perfect for both spring and summer. The second piece, which I thought was the suit pants turned out to be a pair of forest green chino pants retailed at $29.95. With the total cost of $80.00, this 2 pieces make a whole man. I decided to do 3 different looks to showcase the genius that is H&M conscious collection. It fits perfect with my blog. Looking expensive while spending inexpensive.


Apparel Breakdown:
  • Oakland Athletics snapback purchased from Ann's Closet thrift shop for $3.00.
  • Ralph Lauren pinstripe yellow oxford button up from Ann's Closet for $5.00.
  • Vintage striped skinny square tie from Hell's Kitchen Flea Market for $5.00.
  • H&M varsity jacket from 2009 purchased from H&M for $49.95.
  • H&M Conscious Collection forest green chino pants for $29.95.
  • hook+Albert polka dots socks from www.hookandalbert.com for $30.00.
  • Jack Purcell's Converse from Ann's Closet thrift shop for $15.00.
FINAL TALLY: $128.00


Apparel Breakdown:
  • Vintage eyewear purchased from local hardward store for $1.00 ( didn't know what he had!! )
  • H&M Conscious Collection forest green sport coat for $49.95.
  • Uniqlo striped t-shirt purchased from UNIQLO for $19.95.
  • Uniqlo pants altered into shorts purchased from Ann's Closet for $5.00.
  • Sperry Topsiders purchased from Ann's Closet for $10.00.


Apparel Breakdown:
  • H&M Conscious Collection forest green sport coat for $49.95.
  • H&M Conscious Collection forest green chino pants for $29.95.
  • H&M white button up purchased for $15.00.
  • Bass two toned rider lace up shoes from Ann's Closet for $20.00.
  • hook+Albert laces from www.hookandalbert.com  for $17.00.
  • Embellish eyewear. FREE.
FINAL TALLY: $132.00


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