Back 2 School Looks!!

shot and edited by Anthony Willis.

It's back to school season! I've been wanting to a fall/b2s shoot for a awhile and I thought, why not go all out and use a studio, props--the whole kit and kaboodle! The studio I shot at is located in Hoboken and is home to my good friends, Fresh Fuzion. Check them out!

I have always been inspired by Tommy Hilfiger ads. They always blow me away. This whole shoot is basically a homage to TF.  Of course, everything you see here is thrifted! You can find great pieces like these at thrift and vintage stores and be able to create an outfit with less than 100 bucks! Spend less, look cool, gain the ladies. ;)

Now the Breakdowns!

The JOCK. 

The All-American Athlete. This guy plays every sport and rocks every prepped out sportswear brand you can think of! From Rugby Shirts to hockey jerseys, he owns it and lives it too! He likes to wear Jack Purcell's, Tretorn, Nike Roshe Runs, New Balance, etc. 

*Boast USA cap.
* Rugby Polo Shirt.
* Levi's Denim.
* Jack Purcell Converse.

The Artist.

He is your future Art Teacher. From corduroy blazers to bow ties, he is as quirky/cool as it can get. He might even be the reason desert boots and knit vests are back in style. No, he definitely is. You will always find him with a sketch pad and paint brushes. 

* Paul Smith eyewear.
* Ralph Lauren Bow Tie.
Ralph Lauren Blazer.
* Zara Shirt.
* Brooks Brothers Vest.
* J.Crew Pants.
* Clark's Desert Boots.

The Valedictorian.

He's always reading a book in his snazzy sport coat. He wears loafers and skinny ties with tie bars like a future boss. He owns the look. Not only does he have the sharpest mind, he undeniably also has the sharpest style.

* Tommy Hilfiger Blazer.
* Tommy Hilfiger Tie.
* J.Crew Pants.
* Florsheim Loafers.

The Nerd.

I'd say this is the modern nerd. A bad ass one, may I add. Nerds these days are probably the most accidental fashion icons around. Every item they own are trendy now and they don't even know it. This is just a regular outfit to them. This nerd in particular is aware of the trend and took advantage of it. It's a checkmate on his part knowing he can take advantage of the current situation. He can go from nerd to ladies man easily.

* Ralph Lauren Shirt.
* H&M Suspenders.
* American Apparel Pants.
* Vintage Bass Boots.

The Party Guy!

Obviously by looking at this know this is the guy you want to be around. He just has that rich boy swagger about him. From the cool sweaters, to colored chinos, to funky argyle socks...Not only does he bring the party, he also come bearing gifts with his dope fashion sense for everyone to love.

* Polo Ralph Lauren Cap.
* Boast Sweater.
* Abercrombie&Fitch Shirt.
* American Apparel Tie.
* H&M Chino Pants.
* hook+Albert socks.
* Bally Loafers.

The Trendsetter.

The guy who basically wore everything first. The best dressed man in school. Enough said.

* H&M Beanie.
* Burberry Blazer.
* Brooks Brothers Sweater.
* J.Crew Cargo Pants.
* Florsheim Shoes.



  1. COOOOLLL!!!
    such an inspiration post for those people who are going back to school

    Mr. Rebel in Town

  2. Awesome Pic and stunning look. Love it

  3. I've been long overdue for a Barata Sportswear look, not because I don't love this trend, it's because I couldn't find the right pieces that meshed with my style. My first attempt at wearing leather track pants ended up in a total disaster.

  4. Love this post! You have great style!


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