High Fashion, Low Budget.

Achieve the edgy, minimalist Alexander Wang look on a budget by thrifting experimantel basics.

Shot by Anthony Willis.

Look for for anything black, white or grey. 

I love Alexander Wang's pieces but I don't have the money for it! So what do I do, I re create it in a " look rich, shop cheap " manner. A look dedicated to his work.


Apparel Breakdown:

  • Leather Velcro Strapback. NYC Kiosks. $25.00.
  • H&M Scarf. H&M. $10.00.
  • Zara Man Top. Zara. $25.00.
  • Kenneth Cole Jacket. Ann's Closet Thrift Shop. $25.00.
  • J.Crew Stitch Knee Jeans. Ann's Closet Thrift Shop. $5.00. ( any all black jeans will do )
  • Nike Air Force 1 low. NIKE. $95.00.
FINAL TALLY = $185.00

I manage to re create a look that is normally 5000 bucks for less than 200. You can do it too!


  1. love this idea and you are so right, looking good doesn't need to break the bank. If you have taste you dont need lots of money to achieve a great look :)

  2. So amazing look!




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