Denny x Vince Camuto Part ll.

Shot by Anthony Willis.

Featuring the Reversible Seersucker Jacket.

Nothing can compete with a reversible blazer. Solid cotton seersucker on one side and slick polyester on the other will give you the freedom to create two completely different looks out of one item. Slit pockets and three button holes complement each respective side of the Vince Camuto Reversible Seersucker Blazer.


I honestly love this piece. You are basically paying for 2 jackets for the price of 1. 
One side is your classic seersucker print for those hot, summer days and the other side is perfect for a rainy day. 

With this look, I decided to mix it up with vintage pieces to give you guys a classic look with a modern twist. The perfect summer layers, looking good and staying comfortable.


  1. You look great man!!! such a dapper outfit.
    Your photography is on point :-)

    Greets Jon,


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