Denny x ZERO UV Plus.

Shot by Anthony Willis.

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" One of our post popular retro style Wayfarer Sunglasses. The "Mormont" Incorporates the newest technology of our "Flash Revo Lenses". With the subtle combinations of contemporary interpretations of timeless designs, ZeroUV eyewear offers accessible luxury with eyewear that is distinctive yet elegant. Emphasis is placed on quality materials that consist of temples made from cellulose propionate, a nylon-based plastic that is hypoallergenic, lightweight and has more transparency and gloss than other plastics. A metal reinforcement bar is encased within each temple which attaches to a dual-barrel reinforced metal hinge. Lenses are made from thick impact resistant polycarbonate that offer 100% UVA and UVB protection. A mix of rich colors and textures complete the collection for an essential sunwear wardrobe. "



The PERFECT summer eyewear. A vintage lover like myself definitely approves of this 80s retro looking eyewear with its " Flash Revo Lenses. "

 I'm not a big fan of clear frames but with this particular piece along with it being the perfect fit for my face...definitely bumps this as my go to sunglasses this season. It just goes well with relaxed clothing and even my super out there Hawaiian shirts! 


  1. I don't know why I haven't gotten a pair of ZeroUV glasses yet, they're like pratically the best! How are you not a fan of clear frames?! They give off such an urban vibe for the glasses. They look great with your casual wear outfits.

    xx AlexisSplash

  2. I need that Hawaiian shirt! :O


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