Denny x Linjer Co.

Shot by Paul Jin.

A few months ago, I met the founders of Linjer through Instagram. Linjer is a hot new menswear startup making fine leather goods that don’t break the bank. We’re talking Louis Vuitton quality (back in the heyday in the 1980s) at a fraction of the price. They keep their prices low by selling directly to consumers. This lets them cut out the middlemen, expensive marketing and real estate costs.  

Roman and Jenn are super passionate about leather and they were kind enough to send me two of their flagship soft briefcases, so I could see what Linjer was all about. They sent me a leather briefcase in black and a leather briefcase in cognac.

The leather they use is really top-notch. The briefcases are made of full grain, vegetable-tanned leather. Vegetable-tanned leather is pretty rare to find on the market in these days. It’s the  traditional old world method of tanning leather, and the process takes a lot of skill and time, so it’s more expensive. Vegetable-tanned leather is able to take on a patina over time. If you’ve ever seen a leather bag that aged really nicely, it’s probably vegetable-tanned.
There is a handful of boutique brands using vegetable-tanned leather, but it usually costs a lot to buy vegetable-tanned leather goods that are also nicely made rather than the cut-and-sew style you see on Etsy. Linjer is a great alternative to more expensive brands like Frank Clegg and Mismo. 

Check them out!


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