Shot by Lee Reyes.

I had a great session with my high school buddy, Lee, this weekend. The last time we shot was about 2 years ago! So I thought we are in due for a reunion. I decided to do rain themed shoot with him to coincide with the weather condition. Both looks feature dapper looks topped with raincoats! Enjoy!

Apparel Breakdown:

  • Express Blue Raincoat. Express. SHOP HERE.
  • J.Crew Gingham Shirt. J.Crew. SHOP HERE.
  • Vintage Knit Tie. Another Man's Treasure. $15.00.
  • Marcella Custom Pants. Marcella Custom. VISIT HERE.
  • Linjer Co. Briefcase. Linjer Co. SHOP HERE.
  • Rainman Japan Boots. Rainman Japan. SHOP HERE.

Apparel Breakdown:

  • Topman Olive Windbreaker. Topman. SHOP HERE.
  • Vintage Tie. Ann's Closet Thrift Shop. $5.00.
  • J.Crew Shirt. E.Tittlemouse Thrift Boutique. $20.00.
  • 80s Brooks Brothers Sports Jacket. Another Man's Treasure. $50.00.
  • Armani Exhchange White Chino. Armani Exchange. Sponsored. SHOP HERE.
  • Vintage Florsheim Loafers. Ann's Closet Thrift Shop. $15.00.
  • MVMT Watches. MVMT. SHOP HERE.


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