National Bow Tie Day w/ Bows N Ties.

Shot by Shawn Jordan.

The Dandy Man Can…

Today, in celebration of National Bow Tie Day, relax into yourself like the nonchalant Dandy Man! The Dandy never shies away from placing importance on physical appearance but uses his physicality to boast his unique sense of self. I was happy to collaborate with in order to bring you the best of Dandy Man in a day at Coney Island. Walking around the boardwalk and dressed in my finest, I felt as though I had transported my section of the park back to the 1920s. A bowtie is the perfect accessory to highlight stature but also to have a little fun. has the largest selection of quality bowties for formal or novelty purposes. And in case you’re not an origami master, you can select a self-tie bowtie and an accompanying pocket square.  Move fashion forward by taking it back!


Check out Bows N Ties to see the rest of the collection. 



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