Denny x Fruit Of The Loom. #TuckEffect.

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Shot by Jedd Kristjan.

There are probably many first steps on the journey to adulthood but one that I remember distinctly is the day my father showed me how to properly tuck in my shirt. He explained that the art of tucking in one’s shirt was a skill to be mastered and would eventually play a lead in my success. I’m not sure I knew what he meant at the time, but it turns out that Pops may have been on to something.

Mastering the #TuckEffect isn’t hard, but it is an important step. A neatly tucked in shirt allows for comfortability, neatness and smooth base for building a complete look. This past May, Fruit of the Loom launched the new, Crew undershirt redesigned to stay tucked. The brand released the results of its “Tuck Effect” survey with findings suggesting that men who tuck in their shirts are well on their way to being happier, more successful men. In fact, the overall findings were pretty significant. Take a look:

  • Turns out, tucking your shirt can unlock the secret to happiness. 61% of tuckers report being happy on the job, versus 49% of non-tuckers.
  • Tuckers are 22% more likely to say they’re optimistic about the future. That's five seconds to a brighter future.
  • Tuckers are 8% more likely to report they date often. And more dates means more chances to find “the one.” It’s simple math, really.
Social Status
  • Tuckers' responses reveal they are 10% more likely to report being socially outgoing. More friends, promotions, and success — all good things that come to those who tuck.
  • Higher income could be a tuck away. Tuckers disclose 19% higher incomes than those who don’t tuck. Time to add tucking to your resume.
It sounds so simple but often small changes are the building blocks to major milestones. Setting yourself up for great life might just be as easy as Ready, Set, Tuck!

By now, tucking in my shirt isn’t just a habit—it’s a lifestyle! I’m happy to share this tiny key to success and wellness with you. If you’re ready for the #TuckEffect, head over to Wal-Mart for all of your Fruit of the Loom products.

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  1. Hi Denny, am Desmond from Ghana. I have been following your works both on tumblr and your website. I really like your style and thanks for always keeping me updated on new post on your tumblr. Much respect for you and Steven Onoja and also wishing you all the best in your upcoming wedding


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