Shot by Andy Melendez.

As soon as I got an email about a potential collaboration with Bow Club, I immediately said yes. Why? Because I can tell a fantastic menswear accessory from a mile away. Looking at their collection, I was definitely in awe. To me, having worked at vintage, I suddenly felt a 1960s meet 1990s vibe. The size of the ties based from the 60s to the prints that touches on the early 90s. Also, I'm a man who enjoys earth tones and that's another reason why I enjoyed their pieces. Check them out.


Bow Club stands for exceptional quality in an everyday context. We believe that creativity is universal and inspiration can easily traverse boundaries and generate ideas in new areas. With a background in architecture and civil engineering, we took the best aspects of our original fields - values such as innovation and a feel for design - and combined those elements to create lasting and timeless design and above all, good quality accessories.

We began our journey by making bow ties in 2010 and have since expanded into ties and pocket handkerchiefs. Our designs are inspired by patterns and motifs found in nature, culture and architecture. A unique perspective and exquisite attention to detail are the core values that guide our creative processes.

Always conscious of our ecological and social environment, we aim to make only a positive impact on the world. In a world of mass production and fast fashion we aim to produce lasting products through genuine craftsmanship and fair trade.


Having 2 options, I decided to do 2 looks to showcase 2 different styles to compliment the ties. One being the classic look of a 3 piece suit and the other being the casual look with a denim top and bomber jacket. Enjoy!

A special thanks to the Grove Station Kitchen for letting us shoot in there! The food was absolutely delicious. Whenever you are in downtown Jersey City, please feel free to stop by and grab a bite to eat. My pictures doesn't do it justice. The real life experience is much better.


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