#dennyvisits Vermont with Merrell and Campmor.

Shot by Greg Pallante.


Several weekends ago, my wife and I decided to plan a little trip. Admittedly, we are both “indoor people” but we decided it might be nice to get out of our comfort zone and into nature with a trip to Vermont. Over dinner with friends (two other married couples, Jane and Ed + Nicole and Neil,) we shared our idea. Our friends were excited for us but slightly concerned that Gia and I might not be able to rough it. We extended the invitation to our more outdoorsy best friends and so, we began planning.

Luckily, both CAMPMOR and Merrell were excited to partner with us on this weekend trip and provide us with all the gear and footwear we’d need. On a Friday, Ed, Jane, my photographer Greg and I, headed to CAMPMOR. Some lovely folks at the shop, who appreciated that we were a bit new to camping but were eager to have a blast while being safe and prepared, greeted us and helped us get what we needed. After gearing up, we set out on the road and enjoyed the last of our cell phone service in the car. Ha!


After meeting my wife Gia and pals Nicole and Neil, we suited up with our backpacks and Merrell boots. The Merrell boots were incredibly stylish (maybe not imperative but a nice feature for us city-folk.) More importantly, they are insanely comfortable and have incredible durability and grip. 

Throughout a full day of hiking, I know we all felt comfortable, safe and able thanks to our Merrell’s. Merrell is a real lifestyle brand and they implore their customers to disconnect, get out into nature and explore. The friends we traveled with are friends that we’ve known intimately for years but I do feel that we all got a lot closer out there hiking and sleeping under the stars.



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