BRANDS I LOVE: the Hill-Side.

I was introduced to The Hill-Side brand through the collaboration I did with GQ and Gap last summer and I immediately pegged them as my favorite. Modeled after vintage fit and flare, their pieces spoke to me immediately. The Hill-Side exemplifies Modern Vintage.


  • Vintage Stetson Hat. Purchased for $45.00SHOP STETSON HATS HERE
  • This just may be my favorite hat. It's a vintage Stetson I purchased in San Francisco on the same day that I proposed to my wife. <3.
  • Vintage 1970s Denim Jacket. Another Man's Treasure. $45.00.
  • One of favorite recent finds. As you can see, I am currently on a Japanese/Americana heritage kick, so I couldn't pass this one up.
  • The Hill-Side Liza's Tree Drawing Button Down. SHOP SHIRT HERE.
  • I am also really fond of short-sleeve printed button down shirts lately! This shirt is my absolute favorite from the Spring Collection.
  • Topman Pleated High Waisted Pants. ON SALE. $15.00.
  • Lucked out with this pair! I was shopping for my best friend's wedding and decided to take a peek at the TopMan sale section and this gem was the last of its kind on the rack! No joke-- it was glowing when I found it.
  • The Hill-Side Early Trainer Duck Canvas Sneaker. SHOP SHOES HERE.
  • One of the most clean and comfortable pair of shoes I've ever worn. It also has an incredibly old fashioned look. A must have for you guys!


  1. That coat is epic! Good find.

    The Hill-Side definitely holds some amazing pieces. Shoes look like a summer time must-have. Good post!!

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