Panorama Music Festival with Brooks Heritage.

This past weekend, I was fortunate enough to be invited on behalf of Brooks Heritage to the 1st Panorama Music Festival on Randall's Island. For 3 days, I got to enjoy myself while also representing a brand that I've long supported and admired! You guys already know about my intense passion for vintage and for sportswear, so a brand like Brooks Heritage who's general aesthetic combines vintage sensibilities with modern sportswear really resonates with me. This brand has been around for over 100 years, making it a true legacy within the footwear landscape! This is obviously no easy feat especially within such a competitive market but it speaks to the quality of the shoes and Brooks Heritage long term commitment to their customers. If you've ever been to a festival you know that as fun as they can be, they also require A LOT of patience. I don't care how much you love the closing headliner...hanging out for 6 hours can feel like 16 hours if you're on your feet and in the sun. The Brooks Heritage I sported for the festival were a stylish but incredibly comfortable lifestyle shoe and one that made the fun but long days much more bearable. 

Panorama's line up was an eclectic mix of must-sees. I was personally most excited to see Kendrick Lamar, Sia and ASAP Rocky. But I also got to discover a ton of other artists that I probably wouldn't have otherwise. Again, this is due in part to Brooks Heritage and their comfort which made me want to hang longer and explore more than just the main events. Look how much fun I've having while I sweat! 

The All Red Men's Equinox Fusion.

" Inspired by the technology boom of the ‘90s, the Brooks Fusion blended cutting-edge innovation with sporty style to stay ahead of the pack. With a window to showcase the visible heel cushioning technology and slick multi-color designs, the Fusion was a shoe from the future. And now that future is back. We are reintroducing classic colors in both men’s and women’s styles, plus modern interpretations with fresh color combinations. The Fusion speaks to our past while standing firmly in the present.
Please note: The Fusion pays tribute to its original design, but this modern refresh is not a performance running shoe. As everyday kicks, you may wish to choose a half size smaller than your Brooks running shoes. "
The Fusion shoe from the Equinox collection was my specific Brooks Heritage choice. It's a classic, casual look for a vintage sportswear inspired shoe. Not to harp, but the comfort on these is really supreme. There are few cool looking yet supremely comfortable long wearing shoes that hold up amidst hours of walking. These were an exception. When it comes to the style, the Equinox collection was "inspired by the luminous halos in the dark and reflection of light off of signs." For me, this meant that the shoe was dimensional not only in its versatility but also, in the way it was rich in color and texture. The Fusion features a suede and mesh upper and is energized by the reflective hits on the logo and heel tab. These features are subtle but noteworthy. And when paired along with white denim and crisps white socks...pop. Instant cool A+.


The City Chariot Men's Heritage.

"Originally born in 1982, the legendary Brooks Chariot was one of the most worn running shoes by runners in the eighties. Our rejuvenated award-winner features many of the same tech qualities pioneered during the decade. A medial wedge for pronation control, molded tri-layer insole for cushioning, solid rubber outsole, reflective hits for visibility – this shoe blew legwarmers out of the water. Crafted from our history yet designed for the modern man, what’s past is prologue has never been a truer statement.
Please note: The Chariot pays tribute to its original design, but this modern refresh is not a performance running shoe. As everyday kicks, you may wish to choose a half size smaller than your Brooks running shoes. " 
This shoe felt like a head turner throughout the day. I mean, in actuality people were probably just looking around to see if their favorite artists were setting up but it felt like they were looking back at me and my kicks! Named the Chariot from Brooks City Collection, the shoe "pays tribute to the globe’s most iconic city skylines with clean lines, a custom sock liner spotlighting architecture from six different cities around the world and materials that speak to the rich cultures of the people and the grittiness of the concrete jungle." I sort of take this as the collection speaking to the globe and calling for unity and uplifting from the biggest of cities to the most humble of slums. We certainly need that uplift right now and while the message packed into a shoe design might seem abstract, I'll take it. When it comes to pure aesthetics, this is a clear throwback and is cloaked in pig skin suede with a gum outsole and an elevated treatment that enriches the shoe. I love the rich red and white hues juxtaposed against the shades of grey which gives the shoe a few different elements to keep it stylish year round. Like the first shoe I wore, the Chariot was comfortable enough to carry me from long day into night. 

All Photos Shot by Paulo Salud.


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