#SettingTheBar w/ Bar 3 Mens.


I've officially joined team #SettingTheBar. Although in truth, I've been a fan and an advocate for Bar III for some time. Bar III makes an incredible suit, at an affordable and competitive price point and makes an impression like few others. I've worn these suits to industry events, business meetings and formal invites and have been literally stopped and complimented by guys who are used to wearing thousand dollar customs. For me #SettingTheBar isn't about outdoing others, it's about challenging myself. In life, there are big challenges and small ones. I set the bar inch by inch each day by constantly coaching myself to achieve my personal best. With Bar III, I am confident in my ability to get the job done because I can stay mobile. These suits mold to you, they move with you, they allow for hustle and for flow. They work for the man who's working. The man in progress...eternally. So how can you create your own goals and set the bar? Don't start small, start by being deliberate. Tackle your goal list one by one. Bask in each mistake and use it as a teachable moment to go further. Also, keep adding to your list. Life is ever changing and so are our goals and challenges. Set the bar daily, attempt success and master it and then...set a new bar for tomorrow.


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  • Bar 3 Slim Fit Solid Dress Shirt. SHOP HERE.
  • Bar 3 Knit Solid Slim Tie. SHOP HERE.
  • Bar 3 Carrick Monk Strap Shoes. SHOP HERE.



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