Winter Styling With Armani.

This year has been a blur. 

It's also been a mess, sometimes beautiful and sometimes sour. But with each new days comes the opportunity to wake up, establish a direction and challenge ourselves to be active in creating the world we want for ourselves and others. 2017, you're calling my name! To keep me on time and in focus at the start of this New Year, I've partnered with Armani to present a look that rises to the occasion.

Inspired by the energy and urgency of new beginnings, I took to Grand Central to showcase a look inspired by Armani's new Orologio Quarzo 3 Lancette watch; the empowered thinking man's timepiece. My overall look was inspired by the idea of a seeker--someone hell-bent finding solutions amongst chaos. If you've ever been to Grand Central, you've recognized that there is a manic panic yet controlled energy to the place. Amidst the mad dashes, confusion and delays are those who walk against the crowd, seeking their own path towards opportunity, density or even home. The Orologio Quarzo 3 Lancette is the perfect guide and anchor in this setting. Its rose gold accents are subtle yet distinct enough to set this piece apart from any number of gold toned watches. Additionally, the navy blue leather band is an unexpected choice that speaks to confidence. I love this watch as a choice accessory this winter and as a symbol of starting anew. 

Don't get stuck; get centered and do it now.  

Time is ticking.

Music Vibes: 
A-Ha - Take On Me.

This post is sponsored by Armani, but all opinions are my own.
All Photos Shot By James Creel.


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