Modern Trail with Timberland.


Here we are again! It's autumn season! I am back and I am better slash cooler than ever!  And this time with the help of Timberland. We partnered to present to you guys my own personal take on their Wodehouse Chukka Shoes. This is how I styled it. 

Follow me as a take you to a #ModernTrail, no pun intended, in my backyard. No, seriously, this is my backyard! The perfect place to be with my Timberland chukka's.

Now let's talk styling. Fall is definitely my favorite season. Why? because, first of all, the most perfect weather and second, the layering game. Along with the shoes, I was also blessed with this beautiful Mt.Davis M65 waxed jacket that also comes in brown (SHOP HERE) to showcase for you guys. I felt like a pair of dark denim jeans and denim button down completes the whole look. I wanted to have an outfit that's authentic so we couldn't forget about my signature hat to top of the look! I presented a vibe that's both Midwestern and NYC autumn street style. Glad to say, mission accomplished.

Now on to the shoes! Chukka's have always been a favorite shoe style of mine. They're a great go to pair around this time of the year to wear for both casual and formal occasions. I feel that a pair of chukka boots are appropriate enough to wear in any setting. I chose the color brown because I'm always attracted to classic styles and the color brown is just that. It goes perfect with a pair of dark denim, black skinny jeans and even a navy suit! As far as size and comfort, it's definitely true to size and one of the most comfortable shoes I've ever worn. All in all, it's the perfect all around shoe for anyone looking for shoes that looks stylish, comfortable and versatile. 

Check it out and get yourself a pair now!

*side note, please keep the shoebox because it's pretty amazing.



This collection combines the evolving traditions of manufacture with the earlier ideals of craftsmanship. These styles are smart, modern and contemporary, with lightweight leather providing a well-worn, well-cared-for appearance.
  • Premium suede, hand finished for a unique, well-worn and well-cared-for appearance
  • Molded leather midsole for a handcrafted look and great styling
  • Leather outsole with a rubber heel and forefoot insert for traction and flexibility
  • Waxed cotton laces
  • Note that minor differences may be present in the right and left shoes as part of the worn-in aesthetic
  • Imported


* This is sponsored post courtesy of Timberland.


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  2. Love the photoshoot, it definitely has the Timberland vibe <3

    xoxo, Best men's style guide

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