LRSC Series: 1970s GUCCI Style.

Hey guys! So I was thinking for the new year...I thought I'd bring back my Look Rich, Shop Cheap series. I've been so busy with sponsored posts that I often neglect what brought me to where I am now. Well, no more of that! Actually, I've been wanting to bring this back for awhile now and I might also add a video series featuring my thrift hauls and shopping hacks. So tune in! Exciting!

So here we go! Lately...actually, for the last year and a half, I've been really into the 1970s style and I guarantee you that in 2018...most of menswear will be back in the 70s. So I figured, why not mimic my favorite brand to date and do an alternative, affordable look for you guys! Now, minus the custom hat and the $1300 (eek!) Paul Smith coat...I can tell you that everything else is thrifted. I wore a jacket that you can easily find at a goodwill or salvation army. As a matter of fact, any patterned coats with colors of brown, dark green and burnt orange will do just fine. Also, the hat is optional, it's just my way to always have that " Denny touch. " 

Lastly, I know this look might be a lot for someone but it doesn't hurt to try. Remember! Comfort first. Being confident with your style is the best accessory.



GUCCI S/S '16.



  • Custom Made Stetson Hat. STETSON. SHOP HERE.
  • Paul Smith Puppytooth Wool Coat. Paul Smith. SHOP HERE.
  • Vintage Levi's Shirt from Another Man's Treasure. $35.00.
  • Thrifted Green Gap Knit Sweater. Crossroads Trading. $12.00.
  • Vintage 1970s Plaid Bell Bottoms. Rags A Go Go. $15.00.
  • Vintage 1970s Cowboy Boots from Another Man's Treasure. $65.00.


  1. Love how you mix n match all the patterns <3

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