It's almost the weekend and I'm taking a trip up to the Bronx to test drive the new Uber bike, 'JUMP.' It was a beautiful day before the oncoming rainy weekend. I've been super excited about riding this bike.  I had heard nothing but great things and I wanted to find out for myself. The hour train ride was definitely worth the trip.

Uber is partnering with JUMP to bring you the very first Uber Bike. Now, you can rent JUMP bikes just as easily as a car directly from the Uber app. 

So far, the Uber Jump bikes are only available in the Bronx, New York, but the bikes are also available in other cities such as Austin, Chicago, San Francisco and will be available in Providence this summer.

The app is super easy to use. You open your Uber menu and it'll show you a bike option. Once you click that, it will display all the available bikes near you. I've been using the app for 4 days now and there have already been multiple instances in which I've seen a bike present in Brooklyn or downtown by the South Street Seaport. Before too long this will be the next big thing... 

People can ride from uptown, the Bronx, all the way to downtown Manhattan. The bike goes go up to 20 mph, so I can see how some people will easily ride that long. You get to see the beauty of the city while enjoying a scenic ride with your Uber bike. 
You can reserve a parked bike for 30 minutes ahead of time. Once you reach the bike, you will have to put your account number in and you will get an email confirmation to unlock the bike's lock. It's amazing how easy it works! It's very precise and incredibly fast.

Once you're done with your ride, you can literally lock your bike anywhere. That's my favorite part of JUMP, because I love not having to worry about my bike once I lock it up.


The new Uber JUMP bikes are perfect; they make riding up a steep hill as easy as riding on flat ground. It’s very easy to use because you just use the normal Uber app. I love that it's so simple to park and that you can lock your bike up anywhere as if it was your own. It's a good thing to have in the city because I'm always on the go and I never need extra stress during my day. The best thing about the JUMP is how inexpensive it is as well. It won't break the bank and you can have your own personal ride for the whole day. I'm all for it. 




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