Apparel Breakdown #3

Dr.Marten's/ X Denny collaboration

My third apparel breakdown entry is a special one. was awesome enough to have picked me as one of their representatives to rep the Doc Marten's and LB team collabo. I decided to go with a look inspired by Tokyo men style, so hope you enjoy it!

Red Blazer and Cheetah Pants.   

The upper body is made up of:
  • Red Blazer Vintage with gold buttons for $10.00 at the Hell's Kitchen Flea Market.
  • Khaki Tee by Land's end for $5.00 on sale at Macy's.
  • Wayfarers by Forever 21 for $5.00 on the sale bin.
Trash&Vaudeville pants and Dr.Marten's.
Back shot.
The lower body is made up of:
  • Cheetah pants by Trash&Vaudeville for $5.00 purchased at Ann's Closet Thrift store.
  • Boots courtesy of Dr.Marten's and sent to me for free. 
Street Fighter's Akuma.
Yakuza swag.
I was looking at the other members photoshoot and I love them but I also want to separate myself and show off a different look with the boots. I was really inspired by the Japanese fashion these days so I thought why now bust out a new look with longer hair and facial hair. Akuma from Street Fighter is actually my main inspiration with my hair. The outfit is also loosely japanese anime and korean drama. This is a personal favourite outfit and look of mine.

Full body.
Final look.


  1. I'm going to Anne's Closet Thrift store first chance I get...if I spy another pair of eccentric pants such as these I'll be sure to inform you.

    I'm happy there's someone out there like me that tries to save!
    You really know how to put yourself together!!

    - Gab


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