Apparel Breakdown #4

Newspaper Boy.
Shot by Josanna Torrocha.

On Saturday, one of my great friends and favorite photographer stopped by and decided to take pictures of me. Luckily for the both of us, I was dressed pretty neat-o. I was channeling your 1920s newsboy mixed with the modern era. So here we go!

Brown leather suspenders by h&m.
The upper body is made up of:
  • Newsboy cap purchased at NYC street sidewalks for $7.00 ( you guys should really check it out, they have treasures. )
  • Brown leather suspenders purchased at H&M from $10.00( a very reasonable price, if you asked me!)
  • Malcolm X style glasses from Aldo Accessories for $15.00
  • Ralph Lauren blue oxford purchased at a thrift store for $5.00 ( I'm a tiny man, so this was a large boys size shirt. I had to get it because it was fitted well and I didn't need to alter it. )
Owning the streets of Manhattan.
Vintage boots and blue socks.
 The lower body is made up of:
  • Pants by American Apparel purchased at a thrift store for $8.00 ( normally I'm a size 29 in pants but these pants were 30. It was perfect enough to give of that baggy look that is not exaggerated. )
  • Vintage boots purchased at a flea market for $25.00 ( the brown tone is and dirty look of the shoes made it even more appealing. )
Blast from the Past.
1920s-30s era of newsboy style.
As you can see, I was easily inspired by newspaper boys from the 20s and 30s. I've always had fascinations with the fashion choices from back in the day. Everything and everyone just seems rich and elegant even if in reality they are poor and barely making a living.

Full body shot.
That is the full body shot featuring a delivery bike we came across in the city. Good thing my boss sent me to get lunch and the paper bag just went well with the rest of the apparel. Would you love it for me to deliver you something? Haha. 

Special thanks to Josanna! check out her blog.



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  2. If I was a teacher, you'd get an A for being so very presentable.

    - Gab

  3. I really like this look. Your twist on vintage styling is amazing. I'm amazed at how well you thrift.


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