Apparel Breakdown.

This is my first entry of my very first Apparel Breakdown for this blog. I would also bring back classic looks to break down in future posts.

The upper body consists of:
  • Hat - Forever 21 $18.00
  • Shirt - Burgundy H&M Long Sleeve Button up (purchased at Ann's Closet Thrift Store for $5.00)
  • Blazer - J.Crew Black Corduroy Blazer (purchased at Hell's Kitchen Flea Market for $8.00)
Here is a closer look of the shirt and blazer opened up. To me, an open up shirt brings up your masculine game and it adds maturity. If you want to add more flare and give it that edgy look, try and roll up your sleeves. Rolling up 3x should be good enough. Also, be sure to add accessories so your wrists doesn't look naked. Adding a few accessories adds a lot more to an ensemble.

 And the lower half consists of:

  • Pants - Cheap Monday Grey Skinnies (purchased at Ann's Closet for $5.00) 
  • Shoes - Stagg Boots $25.00 ( alot of people think it's Doc Marten's but they are simply cheap construction boots I found at a Payless Shoe store. I decided to add grey laces to it to give it a cooler vibe.)    

Who was I channeling with this look? The great Johnny Depp. I will do a whole fashion breakdown about this man in the near future so look out for that. 




    1. Dope blog!

    2. I'm very excited about this blog! Ever since I lost a large amount of weight and decided to get more stylish, you've been my idol man! But unfortunately there are virtually no good thrift stores in my area, so my wardrobe is growing very slowly. Sad.

    3. It's okay nick! You'll get there! Motivation!


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