Autumn Time Fine.

This whole summer I spent time trying to prepare what I would wear once it's autumn and spring time. The explosion of bright colors is a popular trend this year. As an avid thrifter you know that I bought everything that I'm about to showcase from thrift stores and flea markets. It really isn't that hard to believe that I score these great deal of clothes at such low costs. You just need to be patient and look around.

Blast from the past blazers by Ralph Lauren and J.Crew.
Andre "3000" Benjamin with a coloured, plaid blazer.
Stuntin' with my patterns.
Andre 3000, my fashion icon, is definitely ahead of his time and brought back the 1960's preppy style way before it was a trend it is now. He's a favourite of mine because he does not care what people say, he has never had a fashion fail in my eyes. I've become obsessed with colorful, patterned blazers after seeing movies like " The Legend of Bagger Vance " and British cinemas starring the great Sir Michael Caine. It's the perfect blazer for sunny days, it will bring a smile to anyone's face who sees you. Guaranteed a must have to every prepster out there.

Colored button ups from GAP, Uniqlo, American Apparel and J.Crew.
Colored jeans from J.Crew, H&M, Uniqlo and BDG.
I was always scared to wear colored jeans but I always overcome my fear and just say " fuck it." It adds varieties to your pants game. I always felt empty and bored with pants game. You know, the same blue denim, black skinny jeans and your occasional khaki pants. Wearing different colored jeans brings out more to your fashion sense. Don't be afraid to experiment, it's your body. If people tell you it doesn't look good, don't mind them because your opinion matters. Also, don't try too hard. If you know it's unattractive on you, just take it off. Certain colors aren't good with certain skin tones but it doesn't hurt to try it out. I barely wear orange because I think it looks bad with my skin, so I know my boundaries of what to wear and what not to.

Overhead shot of the collection.
Just in case you are all wondering. Yes, I did get it all from thrifting minus the multi-colored button from H&M which I got on sale for $10 bucks so it's still a still. Here's a breakdown.
  • Salmon jeans cut into shorts by BDG $5.00
  • Fuschia jeans by H&M $5.00
  • Royal blue jeans by Uniqlo $5.00
  • Pink bermuda shorts by J.Crew $5.00
  • Red skinny jeans by H&M $5.00
  • Purple skinny jeans by BDG $5.00
  • Red, Black and Blue button ups by GAP $5.00 each
  • Pink button up by American Apparel $7.00
  • Purple/Red button up by J.Crew $7.00
  • Multi Colored button up by H&M $10.00
  • Red, Green and Blue blazer by Ralph Lauren $8.00
  • Brown and Black blazer by J.Crew FREE ( about to get thrown away so I snatched it )
  • Beige and Black blazer by J.Crew $8.00
3 different ways to wear colored jeans.
As a fashion chameleon, I try to come up with different ways to rock colored jeans. Have fun with it guys! Enjoy!



  1. And I thought the khakis I got for $16 from the Gap was a steal. Any jackets/blazer I find in thrift stores are a bulky 90s cut. That Polo one is so sick and the Kanye lapel heart looks perfect with it.


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