Check your closet for a Halloween costume.

You might found something and save money!!!

For the past 4 years, I've been rocking costumes that I put together from pieces I already have. When you're struggling with money, or even when you're not, you end up looking through your old clothes for ideas. Try to go for characters that are not to out ordinary and simple to mimic. Here are my past looks and my costume this year that I would to share with you.

I honestly did not even think I would end up dressing up that year. It was very last minute and I had to dig deep inside my mountain of clothes. 
  • The belt was mine, I tried to figure out how to rock it without destroying the belt and this is the best I came up with.
  • I didn't have a green vest then so I decided to cut up an old green shirt of mine and put over a regular white tee.
  • The cape was one of the XL red tee's I used to rock back in the good old days. Now I know its purpose.
  • And of course, the RED converses. The Nickelodean Doug rocked 'em.
 The second look was based on one of the most swagged out person I know, Pee Wee Herman.
  •  The bow tie was a gift from a friend of mine a long time ago. It was a clip on and the perfect bow tie and colour to complete the look.
  • Now I didn't have a full gray suit, so I had to improvise with a gray blazer from a thrift store and H&M grey skinny jeans. At times, you barely even notice it.
  • I also didn't have his shoes so I decided to just use white KEDS to do awesome damage and finish of the look.
Clark Kent.
The third look is simple, yet it says alot. I had the hair going and rocked the nerdy glasses, so I decided...why not go as Clark Kent. Everyone is always Superman, why not be his alter ego.
  • I got this full suit from H&M and it was just perfect for the costume.
  • The t-shirt was from 6 flags great adventure.
  • The dress shoes were purchased at a thrift store for 10 bucks. They were ALDO shoes, still brand new too.
My pal Spongebob and I.
This one was actually not for Halloween. I was just folding my clothes one day and saw that I have everything Spongebob wears, so I decided to just have a little fun with it and take pictures. Spongebob is quite a fashion icon.

Alex De Large from A Clockwork Orange.
2011 costume.
So this is my costume this year. Minus the jockstrap, everything was already in my closet!
  • Bowler hat from ages ago from a kids party.
  • Brooks Brothers button up.
  • American Apparel suspenders and pants
  • Vintage combat boots.



  1. Literally squealed when I saw this post on my dashboard. Your costumes are so well put together and creative -- I don't have the words to show how much I admire your style ! *_*


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