Ralph Lauren Tribute.

I'm a person who is not about the name brands. I'm not a quantity nor quality guy. I buy whatever would look great on me. But if I had to choose which brand made a lot of impact on me and influenced me to be fashionable it would be Ralph Lauren. I'm a very versatile gentleman but deep down, down all the way down to my core...you would see that my preppy side takes over any other style I put out. This post is just a minor dedication to the RL brand.

Polo RL late 80s ad.
As a kid and looking through my sister's fashion magazine, I would always see POLO ads and I would just automatically fall in love. It's very American, if not the brand for the United States, in my opinion. It doesn't get any better than that. I especially love the early versions of the brand, it was very chic line, just the epitome of preppy America. It's funny that the ad above, if it was published today would be very fitting for our time. It's like the past returning to merge with the present. I love it. My parents used to rock it and now I'm wearing it in a similar fashion.

Ralph Lauren blazer purchased at a Goodwill for $5.00
Believe it or not, Goodwills, thrift stores and flea markets are popular places to find classic POLO RL apparel. The popular oxford shirts, bermuda shorts and khaki's are very rare at this places. Be sure to search high and low because it will be worth it.

Ralph Lauren blazer, vest, shirt and tie.
The picture above was shot by my friend Joan Michel at times square, NYC. The whole outfit from waist up was literally decked out with RL apparel that was purchased at a local thrift store.
  • Dark brown corduroy blazer $5.00
  • White Polo RL oxford shirt $5.00
  • Brown and white polka dot tie $2.00
  • Olive green crewneck vest $4.00 
Yesterday, my friend Anthony and my girlfriend Karina decided to do a mini photoshoot dedicated to Ralph Lauren ads. It got dark really fast but I still think we managed to produce greatness and what I envisioned.
Matching outfits with your other half.
His&Her leather backpacks.
Up close and personal with Polo oxford button up shirts.
The perfect shoes to match with RL. Sperry Topsiders.
So this is my mini dedication to the Ralph Lauren brand. I will feature different brand breakdowns in the future. So wait and look out for J.Crew, Banana Republic and Gap fans. Your boy got you. Let me leave you with a little video that tickles my fancy. I can't wait to have kids and swag them out.

- Denny


  1. This is by far one of my favorite shoots of you two. The lighting was perfect as well as the outfits. I loved it

  2. Thank you so much ms.adrienne <3

  3. The lighting, location, and outfits are amazing. It's like a preppy suburban love story.


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