Weekend Happenings, Apparel and Purchases.

Hey guys! After posting about the flea market, alot of people actually stopped by! My boss was fascinated to know more about my blog now and that I actually quite a following out there. It's just unbelievable to people so close to me to believe that I can actually inspire people. It's pretty funny actually. Let's get to it!

Dennay, Marvin Gaye & Chardonnay.
This was my SATURDAY SWAG, I will do a better shoot tomorrow morning. The shoot will be for Dr.Marten's who are amazing enough to send me a pair so I can be featured on their recent campaign! Big ups to Lookbook.nu for recommending me to represent them and the brand. So more about that on my next post.

With Dalaeja and Adrienne.
It was dope finally meeting Adrienne Rose and her friend Dalaeja! What gorgeous women! Ahh, I love fellow fashionistas! Check out Adrienne’s blog! She wrote about me! http://bopsytwins.blogspot.com/

Weekend purchases:
  • Burgundy Florsheim lace ups $15.00 from Hell's Kitchen Flea Market.
  • Gray Florsheim lace ups $15.00 from Hell's Kitchen Flea Market.
  • Brown leather suspenders $10.00 from H&M.
with Kadeem Johnson
Going home I ran into the one and only Kadeem Johnson. He's probably the only person who is not a celebrity (yet) that I look up to for inspiration. It's such a small world because we actually have quite a few mutual friends that we're both close with.

visited the lady at work.
I missed my girlfriend so much, we've been so busy lately that this visit was needed. I missed her kisses and comfort. Isn't she adorable! Note to self: SMILE MORE.

Secret Window.
Bumped into my friend Craig, who's getting into photography and asked him to test the camera on me. Haha. This look is closely based on Johnny Depp's look from the film Secret Window. If I took off the hat it would've been perfect. Those shoes where one of recent purchases. The rest of Sunday was a breeze. I had a photoshoot later in the afternoon that I will post about this week.



  1. EEP! Daleija and Adrienne never cease to wear the most put together outfits, and they have the best bodies ever too.

    I love all your outfits in this post, especially the one you went to visit your gf with.



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