Apparel Breakdown #10

Inspector Gadget
Autumn Apparel
Shot by Anthony Willis

J,Crewin' the blazer.
This outfit is actually my Thanksgiving outfit. It's perfect for this season, blending in like a chameleon with the trees. It's also inspired by none other than Inspector Gadget. A modern take on the cult classic cartoon on how would look in casual clothes.

Upper body.
The upper body is made up of:
  • The blazer is J.Crew and was purchased at Ann's Closet thrift shop for $8.00.
  • The khaki button up is Brooks Brothers for $5.00 at the same thrift shop.
  • The vest and tie is H&M. The tie was purchased from H&M for $10.00 and the vest was thrifted for $4.00.
  • (not seen) The hat was from UNIQLO for $20.00.
Tan wingtips from Marshalls.

 The lower body is made up of:
  • The jeans were Diesel jeans from the same thrift shop for $5.00.
  • The shoes were on sale at Marshalls for $30.00.
Inspired by Inspector Gadget,
Lookbook full body shot.


  1. hey how long did it take you to grow out your hair like that?! great look!

  2. inspector gadget is great and so are you!
    love your mustache and hair also!

    greetings from another side of the world


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