Apparel Breakdown #13

Ultimate Warrior.
Street Tribal Theme.
Shot By Anthony Willis.

The upper body is made up of:
  • The cap is by OBEY purchased at Urban Outfitters for $29.00 ( no it's rare for me to spend this much on clothes but if I fall in love with it, it's over...I'm getting it. )
  • The shirt is by UNIQLO purchased at Ann's Closet for $7.00.
  • The sweater is a vintage sweater from NYC Hell's Kitchen Flea Market for $8.00.
H&M boat shoes.

 The lower body is made up of:
  • The jeans are TOPSHOP from Ann's Closet for $5.00.
  • The socks were on sale at UNIQLO for $3.00.
  • The shoes were also on sale from H&M for $15.00.
LB shoot.


  1. Love your style. Dope blog altogether!

  2. Why are people so obsessed with Indians? #angryIndian


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