500 Days of Summer inspired photoshoot.

Featuring Holly Berry.
Shot by Anthony Willis.

My outfit is made up of:
  • American Apparel grey cardigan $45.00 retail price but I got it from thrifting for $7.00
  • American Apparel square tie thrifted for $2.00
  • Ralph Lauren button up thrifted for $5.00
  • BDG chinos thrifted for $5.00
  • Vintage boots from NYC flea market $30.00
Courtesy of Ann's Closet Thrift Shop and NYC Hell's Kitchen Flea Market.


  1. I really loved that movie, and I must say I LOVE your looks as well! Your style is so amazing. So nice to have someone who knows how to look better, for less money. I hate it when people spend their fortune's on ugly tasteless clothing, covered in logo's. Nice to see someone who understands me! LOL


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