Apparel Breakdown

Shot by Anthony Willis.

Since it's apparently spring season you will see me more dressing on the preppy side. Preppy looks are my favorites because that's what I fell in love with when I discovered the fun that is called fashion! Yay! I will  wear more patterns and more colors to add more character to looks. These days preppy fashion has gotten louder and I will be here screaming at the of my lungs. Let's have some fun ya'll.

Note: This is another all thrift bought outfit.

My upper body is made up of:
  • White button up by Brooks Brothers purchased at Ann's Closet. $5.00
  • J.Crew paisley pattern tie purchased at Ann's Closet. $3.00
  • Banana Republic multi colored/patterned vest purchased at a Salvation Army. $4.00
  • J.Crew beige courdoroy (esp? one ever knows! ) bought at Ann's Closet. $8.00
  • Vintage leather backpack from Hell's Kitchen flea market. $30.00

The lower body is made up of:
  • Orange jeans by Uniqlo purchased at Ann's Closet. $5.00
  • Bass two-toned lace ups purchased from Ann's Closet. $20.00
Here is a video with my friend Kate of us thrifting for the vest at a Salvation Army in NJ.



  1. Very nice bargains all around!

  2. wow i love ur vest!! i saw it in one of ur vids! you have killer style my friend :)

  3. love the waistcoat! I have followed u would u like to follow me back? thanks!


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