Spring Revival III Olive Green/Camo Edition

You can see me on the block, I ain't tryin' hide, I blend in with the hood, I'm camouflage...

This is my third entry for my Spring Revival trends. Just like last season, the camo and olive green fad is just, if not, will be bigger this year. This time around it will be focused more on mixing urban with preppy  with the sudden come back of cargo pants. This time around though and thank god that it's the slimmer version.

My whole outfit here is basically second hand. Everything was thrifted.
  • Vintage army ranger jacket purchased at NYC Hell's Kitchen Flea Market. $10.00
  • Cheap Monday black skinny pants from Ann's Closet Thrift store. $5.00
  • Steve Madden boots from NYC Hell's Kitchen Flea Market. $15.00
FINAL TALLY = $30.00

This is my friend Kate. She is my new found best friend and fellow blogger from Canada. On her visit we decided to hit up a Salvation Army...which is kind of funny because of the fact we were rockin' Army shit. It was not planned at all. Follow her blog: www.lipstickandleather.blogspot.com

Here are more examples of how I played out the military green look.

Classic beanie. Levi's denim jacket. Aphillyated tee. Topman parachute pants.
Vintage army boots.

Vintage brown fedora. Ralph Lauren blazer. J.Crew button up.
J.Crew cargo pants. Dr.Martens boots.

Vintage Chicago Bulls snapback. Levi's denim jacket. Kings Rule Together crewneck.
Uniqlo camo cargo pants. Air Jordan sneakers.

21 Men beanie. H&M scarf and shirt. 10Deep jacket.
Diesel Jeans. H&M boots.

New Era Chicago Bulls snapback. Marc Jacob bomber jacket. Uniqlo button up.
Levi's 510. Bally shoes loafers.

Classic Beanie. Banana Republic vest. J.Crew blazer.
Levi's 510. Sperry Top Siders shoes.

New Era Brooklyn Dodgers snapback. Express denim. H&M light denim shirt and tie.
Uniqlo camo cargo. J.Crew shoes.



  1. The outfit with the parachute pants and the last outfit damn those are so dope!

  2. how much did the diesel jeans cost and what type of diesel jeans are they?

  3. Been a fan of your blog (both on here & Tumblr) for quite some time! I respect your overall demeanor and fashion sense!

    The last outfit, with the blue & camo, it one of my absolute favorites of yours! Keep doing what you're doing man!

  4. where did you get those Uniqlo jeans from i did'nt see it online

    1. im trying to find them too but i cant ?

  5. interested in the camo pants too!

  6. Love these shots. amazing style. my boyfriend would LOVE the Marc Jacobs bomber jacket. Do u think olive green works too? i am undecided for xmas for him


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