Blue Suit.

Shot by Lee Reyes Photography.

It's almost summer time and you still want to look good with a blazer and tie? Why not true cool, soft colors to warm up your look. Another everything thrifted apparel put together by yours truly. This is a great example of a casual summer outfit without over doing it. I love the simplicity of blue so I decided to mix and match every tone of blue. I couldn't really afford a 2 piece suit so I just always end up putting together outfits like this to make it seem like they went together in the first place.

My outfit is made up of:
  • Zara Man oxford button up purchased at Ann's Closet $5.00
  • Topman skinny tie purchased at Ann's Closet $3.00
  • Vintage blazer purchased at a NYC boutique for $20.00
  • Uniqlo blue chino pants purchased at Ann's Closet for $5.00
  • Bally loafers purchased at NYC Hell's Kitchen Flea Market for $20.00
  • Tie clip purchased at a Goodwill for $2.00
You have seen my outfit and what I could do to achieve the BLUE SUIT look with a reasonable price. Now take a look at these expensive but stylish inspirations.



  1. This looks great. You are very good at thrifting and you put the colors together nicely here.

    - Shannon


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