A simple bad ass look consisting denim and a graphic tee. This is a look that says you care about how you look but you also don't over exaggerate on how you look. Just throw in minor arm accessories and this look is complete.

This apparel consists of:
  • Knock off wayfarers purchased at Forever 21 for $5.00
  • Old Navy jacket hand me down from '97 purchased at Ann's Closet for $5.00
  • Karl Lagerfeld tee courtesy of my friend Bugz.
  • Levi's 510 purchased at Ann's Closet for $5.00
  • Brown Keith Highlander wingtips purchased at Hell's Kitchen Flea Market $50.00
You can purchase the shoes ( still in great condition ) at:

Final Tally


  1. Great look! love the t-shirt! ;)



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