All Black Everything.

Kilt It.
Shot by Anthony Willis

Basically, as a  fashion chameleon, I blend in with the season. My winter style is inspired by Alexander Wang pieces, K.Pop, G.O.O.D. Music crew and A.S.A.P. Rocky. I am fascinated with everything black and leather. I will probably be in these phase for a month or so....yup, so tune in! Also, great news I am about to collaborate with Solestruck and my NIKE collabo will be coming out soon! I can't wait! Fucking excited that my balls are tingling!


Apparel Breakdown:
  • Snapback cap = Collaboration with Exempt SCAM snapback. FREE
  • Eyewear = John Lennon inspired knockoffs purchased at Family Dollar for $1.00
  • Jacket = Collaboration with leather jackets. FREE but retailed for $250.
  • Shirt = Women's Roberto Cavalli dress purchased at Ann's Closet Thrift. $40.00
  • Skirt = Gap women's skirt from Ann's Closet purchased for $5.00
  • Pants = Faux leather purchased at H&M for $20.00
  • Shoes = Collaboration with Dr.Marten's. FREE but retailed price for $200.00
Heavily inspired by Wang and Yeezy with a mix of Denny way of shopping. Can't afford the real price, here is my take for a reasonable price. If it looks good and you can kill it, it won't matter. That shirt is too dope, I can't right now. Still listening to Cruel Summer and it's winter time. Enjoy!



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