Mixing modern style with the 90s.

I'm back and better than ever.
Shot by Anthony Willis.

with Bugz Miranda of

I am deeply sorry I haven't been blogging in awhile. I have become so busy with so many styling gigs and photoshoot collaboration. I also recently moved in with my girlfriend and hurricane sandy recently paid my state a visit. That bitch. Anywho, I am back and will be blogging twice as much as before. The Denny that you fell in love with is back...with a bang and 3 lines shaved on the side of his head. Kaboom.

Apparel Breakdown:
  • Beanie cap = 99 cents from the dollar store.
  • Eyewear = thrifted at Ann's Closet thrift store for $2.00.
  • Tee = large white hanes tee 3 pack set for $5.00 at Target.
  • Cardigan = Cross black and white cardigan from Forever 21 for $25.00
  • Jeans = Acid wash jeans from Uniqlo that was thrift bought for $5.00
  • Boots = velvet burgundy boots from H&M for $35.00
Okay, it's really rare for me to shop at retail stores but when I love something I will get it. The cardigan is the first store bought item in a long ass time. Also, funny story, my lady and I are the same shoe size and the shoes are actually hers. The whole outfit is almost all women clothing but you can barely tell, it's really how the person pulls it off.



  1. I love the outfit, the boots are insane,


  2. you and your lady are fab. rock yo shit.

  3. I don't find your cardigan , can you link it pleaaaaseee ? :)

  4. I love your shoes soooo much! Reminds me of red velvet cake


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