Shot by Anthony Willis.

Today's entry is heavily inspired by Kanye West & Givenchy apparel. 

So you want to get your hands on this look without having to spend hundreds of dollars? You just just need white fabric paint, a star shaped stencil and any piece of black apparel and you are good to go!

I would offer a basic step by step, but there's really only one step--just lay the stars down then you can either:
  • use a potato to make a star stamp and just stamp your design away.
  • or do as I did: buy star stickers, cut tiny pieces of tape and placed it around the stars in order to create a perfect stencil, remove the sticker and simply paint inside the stencil. 
EASY as (poontang)PIE.

Apparel Breakdown:
  • Ski Mask by Seminomadic for $20.00
  • Asos button up from Ann's Closet Thrift Store for $5.00
  • Zara Man coat from Ann's Closet Thrist Store for $10.00
  • H&M leather pants purchased for $30.00
  • Doc Marten's from Dr.Marten's (free) but retailed for $200.00 (any black boots will do.)
Final Tally: $65.00

Apparel Breakdown:
  • Ski Mask from Seminomadic for $20.00
  • Wilson Leather from Ann's Closet Thrift Store for $45.00
  • Zoo York hoodie for $20.00
  • OBEY tee from Buffalo Exchange for $15.00
  • Mesh football shirt from the Goodwill for $1.00
  • H&M leather pants for $30.00
  • Nike Dunk all white for $75.00
FINAL TALLY: $206.00


  1. You still look poor as fuch gookboy.

  2. $200 is pretty expensive if you're trying to shop cheap.

  3. I've never known a man to pull off so many looks! You are really doing your thing!



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