Starting 2013 with a bang.

Shot by Anthony Willis.

2013 is here! And I am going to be killing it this year. That's a promise. A new year, a new me. 

Let's fucking go!

This look basically is all my girlfriends clothes. This is an example of how to utilize women's apparel pieces and turn it into a somewhat masculine look. It's really all how about how you carry yourself. Enjoy!

Apparel Breakdown:
  • Vintage double breasted blazer purchased from Ann's closet for $8.00.
  • Leather top purchased from eBay for $10.00.
  • Baroque print pants from Forever21 for $20.00.
  • Dr.Marten's boots from Dr.Marten's for free. Retail price go for $250.00.


  1. can i please have a link to the shirt! Thanks.

    PS love the blog!

  2. Oh my lanta.
    I am a huge fan of your style.
    A friend of mine introduced me.
    Now following!
    Hopefully we can do a his & hers style post in the future.

    Steph, Chocolate Laced

  3. there's no womenswear!
    women can wear menswear
    so does men can wear womenswear


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