Inspired by the film...

Say Anything...

Anyone who knows me knows that I am in love with 80s films, especially the ones dealing with teen love. The Cameron Crowe film, "Say Anything..." is definitely one of my picks. I can totally relate to Cusack's Lloyd Dobler and here's a look inspired by that character. Please watch the film and fall in love.

Trend Report: Moto Jeans.

 Moto jeans are the quintessential Balmain piece. You can now pair your motorcycle jacket and boots with moto-inspired jeans...even if you'll never ride a bike. Haha. I am in love with jeans that have knee pads. Small details such as this add that little bit of spice.

Leather Pierre Balmain's.
Justin Theroux with black moto jeans 
Rihanna with light denim version.


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