Fall Colors.

Dapper Denny.


Shot by Anthony Willis.

Here are 3 pictures of me utilizing 3 different autumn colors ( blue, green and brown ), looking quite dandy and still managing to look rich while shopping cheap. 

I've been really into my preppy side, I am getting a kick putting different patterns and colors together to create looks of a modern gentleman.

I normally do not like nor recommend wearing boots when it's hot outside but this look needed that one last jolt and I thought my all time favorite shoes will do it. The combination of green pants and red laces here doesn't scream CHRISTMAS at all! Instead it blends very well together that gives of that vintage look.  The different tones of brown that are seen here pops with brilliance. It's not too much, it's just enough brown to go around. My favorite piece of item in this look is one of my greatest finds! The blue Burberry blazer. It fits me so well....because it's a woman's blazer but who can really tell the difference.

Apparel Breakdown:
  • NY Hat Company. Hell's Kitchen Flea Market. $8.00.
  • Blue Burberry Blazer. Ann's Closet Thrift Store. $40.00
  • Gap striped button down. GAP. $15.00.
  • hook+Albert tie. www.hookandalbert.com. $25.00.
  • Brooks Brothers brown vest. Ann's Closet Thrift Store. $4.00.
  • J.Crew chino green pants. Salvation Army. $5.00.
  • Vintage boots. Hell's Kitchen Flea Market. $20.00.
FINAL TALLY = $92.00

The second look more of a school/frat boy type. We are keeping it very casual here with the snapback, untuck shirt and rolled up pants. I know the camo trend is almost near its death but I couldn't pass up this $10.00 pants. Needles to say, I swagg'd it out.

Apparel Breakdown:
  • Duke snapback. Ann's Closet Thrift Store. $7.00.
  • H&M denim tie. H&M. $15.00.
  • American Apparel blue button down. Ann's Closet Thrift Store. $5.00.
  • H&M green blazer. H&M. $50.00.
  • Urban Outfitters pants. Urban Outfitters. $10.00.
  • Bass saddle shoes. Hell's Kitchen Flea Market. $15.00.
FINAL TALLY = $102.00

The last look is basically the dapper-est of the dapper 3. Enough said. Prints on prints on prints.

Apparel Breakdown:
  • Ralph Lauren tie. Ann's Closet. $3.00.
  • Gap Button Up. GAP. $20.00.
  • Vintage Blazer. The Goodwill. $8.00.
  • H&M Chino Pants. H&M. $20.00.
  • Bass shoes. Ann's Closet. $15.00.
FINAL TALLY = $66.00


  1. Wow! Such great combinations. Whenever I see a new post from ya I'm always surprised at what you put together. Love how low those prices are, especially the shoes!

    frum Likkie,

  2. Really nice!
    My favorite is the third outfit :)

  3. I love everything...very classy



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