Mixing Modern and Vintage.

Paisley Passion.


photos by Anthony Willis.

A mixture of modern and vintage, indeed. I shot this inside the infamous dressing room at Another Man's Treasure in downtown Jersey City. You guys should visit especially if you're a fan of vintage pieces and also a fan of yours truly. Haha, regardless you will not be disappointed. I also decided to focus on paisley in this post. A trend that will always forever be...a trend. A classic print that will always live on.

Apparel Breakdown:

  • NY Hat Company. Hell's Kitchen Flea Market. $8.00.
  • H&M Paisley Button Up. H&M. $25.00.
  • Levi's 510. Levi's. $30.00.
  • Vintage Black Boots. Another Man's Treasure. $40.00.  

want these Levi's 510? get it here.

Apparel Breakdown:

  • Vintage Billy the Kid Jacket. Another Man's Treasure. $45.00.
  • Vintage 70s Paisley Button Up. Another Man's Treasure. $25.00.
  • Levi's 510. Levi's. $25.00.
  • Bostonian Penny Loafers. Ann's Closet. $10.00.

want these Penny Loafers? get it here.


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