Denny for Clark's Shoes.

Photos by Anthony Willis.


Back in September I had the incredible opportunity to pair up with Clark's for a major international campaign. Clark's reached out and asked me to document "a week in my shoes" by selecting one of their products and showcasing how I would style them and  give insight into what a typical week is like for me living near NYC. I chose the Marco's Edge to challenge myself. I'll be honest--orange is not my favorite color but I decided that it would be too easy a task to pick out a style/color of shoe that was comfortable or familiar to me. Also, the boldness of the orange Clark's were intriguing as I felt I could use them as a statement piece for some outfits and build a color palette around them for others. Clark's sent me the shoes and I was to begin my challenge--only heres where things got crazy, 


With my new iPad in tow, I had all the tools I needed to document this unique experience. The week I documented was packed with my regular shooting schedule, tour of famous neighborhoods in Manhattan, long walks to work or meeting up with friends and on one occasion, I even invited Clark's viewers to a tattoo session I had booked. Overall, I was so honored to be able to share my point of view, both in style and in daily life. I have long been a fan of Clark's and showcase their distinct brand regularly.I cannot express how honored I was to know that they were aware of my work and wanted to formally introduce their brand to my followers and to recognize my personal efforts.

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  1. PERFECT!! really amazing. That video got me very inspired.

    Greets Jon,

  2. Awesome pics and super cool outfit
    :) Nice job
    Liked your blog so much!!


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