High Fashion, Low Budget ll.

Inspired: An Affordable Approach to VISVIM style.

Shot by Anthony Willis.

For the New Year, my best friend/photographer and I will be doing more in depth and detailed shots for you guys. It'll be more of a story telling shoot rather than just a point and shoot approach. I hope you guys enjoy it!

For this look I've decided to do a more affordable version of one my new favorite brands, VISVIM. I am in love with this brand but sometimes I can't afford it so the best thing I can do is recreate it. It's not that hard really, most pieces are inspired by vintage. It's your classic bad ass Americana look revisited. It really is all about you layer it and put your own spin to it. 

Here are a few pictures from the VISVIM lookbook. A breath of fresh air that separates it from other brands these days.


Apparel Breakdown:

  • H&M Wide Brim Fedora. H&M. $15.00.
  • Paul Smith Denim Jacket. Ann's Closet Thrift Shop. $10.00.
  • Vintage Blanket Jacket. Another Man's Treasure. $45.00.
  • Vintage Woolrich Jacket. Another Man's Treasure. $75.00.
  • Diesel Jogger Jeans. Diesel. SPONSORED. Click Here to get it.
  • Dr.Marten's Boots. Dr.Marten's. $120.00. Click Here to get it.
FINAL TALLY = $265.00

A complete VISVIM look would be around $4000. I managed to do inspired look for less than $300.


  1. look you way better. Hands down, without doubt. LOVE the double coat look that seems to have sprung from nowhere, you wear it like a dream

  2. Awesome outfit and super cool pics Loved :)

  3. Great look. I love the Dr. Martens. Great post =)



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